Magento e-commerce solutions

Magento is a robust and versatile e-commerce platform that allows retailers to build cutting-edge online stores with a focus on usability & design. We at MCA140 offer you Magento solutions that are scalable, flexible and above all feature rich.

We can create custom solutions to meet your requirements that can adapt and grow with your business. Our expert designers and developers come together to understand your business’s needs and design optimal solutions. We can build custom e-commerce sites and develop Magento themes and extensions.

Whether it is transitioning an existing site to Magento from another platform, or integrating your Magento site with third party applications to increase benefits, MCA140 has the best people to do it for you.

What we offer

A dedicated team of Magento Developers
Capability to customize available themes
Experts who can conceptualize, design and build custom Magento modules and themes.
SEO experts to increase page ranking and push your website to the top of search engines.

User-centered design

Users are key. At MCA140, we recognize that it is crucial to provide an experience that both enables and encourages users to meet their needs while online. Our user-centered design approach delivers rich, contextual, and easy to use experiences that convert visitors into customers.

Responsive Design

Increasingly, users are moving to smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices to access information, browse, and shop anywhere and in any place. Buying decisions are made on the move. What does it mean for users? Sites and applications that their devices support and an efficient and fun browsing experience that helps them make buying decisions quickly and easily.

Making the best possible user experience available on the go is critical, regardless of platform, device, or device capability.

Our developers leverage Magento’s responsive design capability to deliver tablet or smartphone friendly websites quickly, and provide a seamless checkout and payment experience.

responsive image

Magento extensions

Extend your site capabilities. Here are just a few of the extensions that we can enable for your websites or mobile stores.

magento Market Place
Magento Marketplace, where multiple merchants can sell their products via a centralized product catalogue and vendor specific store fronts.
One page checkout, an easy to use, single-screen check out process.
Integrate with USPS to get shipping rates, support for multiple sellers and print USPS labels using APIs.
Integrate with Canada Post to get shipping rates and track shipments
Integrate with Canada Post to get shipping rates and track shipments.
custom shipping
Integrate with custom shipping solutions (like Mbox140).
payment vendor
Integrate with payment vendors, Paypal, and more.
ajax Login Extension
With the Ajax log in extension, have users log in to your e-store from any page.
wallet Extenion
Manage customers’ balance using the Wallet extension.
social Media Login
Enable your customers to log in to your site with their Facebook or Google accounts.

Magento optimization and hosting

Without a stellar performance, converting visitors to customers is a losing battle. Search engines favor fast sites over slower ones. Consistent website performance is crucial in driving conversion rates and ensuring steady revenue for online retailers.

We can help analyze and improve your Magento site infrastructure, application and client side optimization and help you take advantage of optimization techniques like webserver level tuning, APC, full page caching, and Percona Clusters.

magento optimization

Magento for Mobile

Increasingly, buying decisions are made on the move. Users explore, look up, compare rates, and shop on the go. Turning users into your customers requires a strong mobile strategy. And your mobile avatar needs to offer all the benefits of a sleek, easy to use experience, with a robust back end that can support large volume mobile shopping. At MCA140, we can build:

Mobile specific themes for Magento stores
Mobile specific themes for Magento stores.
Native mobile applications to interact with Magento stores
Native mobile applications to interact with Magento stores.
Extend and customize default Magento APIs.