Data Analytics

A truly successful online solution can be built only by understanding the ecosystem in which all your stakeholders operate. That includes your own organisation, your partners, vendors, customers, and ancillary groups. Our Business Analysts have you covered, bringing years of knowledge and experience to help you make tactical and strategic decisions, understand your business processes and optimize your cost of operations. 

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Our skill areas

Marketing Analytics

Net Promoter Score Calculation Analysis
Net Promoter Score Calculation & Analysis.
Cohort Analysis
Cohort Analysis.
Recency Frequency Monetary Analysis (RFM).
Churn Retention Analysis
Churn & Retention Analysis.
Cross Sell & Up Sell Analytics
Cross-Sell & Up-Sell Analytics .

Supply Chain Analytics

Inventory and Order Management
Inventory and Order Management.
Logistics and Shipping Analytics
Logistics and Shipping Analytics.
Sourcing Analytics
Sourcing Analytics.

Customer Analytics

Customer Segmentation
Customer Segmentation.
Custom Loyalty and Churn Analytics
Custom Loyalty and Churn Analytics.
Life Time Value modelling
Life Time Value modelling .